Instagram Stories

I get a lot of questions about how I edit my Instagram stories so I wanted to write up a post about all the apps I use to edit my stories.

I use VSCO to edit my photos so the second they launched their editing tools for videos I signed up immediately. I use VSCO to edit my videos now and it's amazing. My video's look 10x better with the filters.


Music is quite essential to my stories so to add music to my stories I use Splice . It's great and it's a free app. Splice also always me to fit in videos that I recorded horizontally.


One app I love to use to create a vintage look to my stories is 8mm. The app isn't free it's $1.99 but it's definitely worth it!

The app I use to make my stories a little more fun and creative is Vimo. Vimo lets you add animated stickers and typography to your videos.

I hope this post helped! =)

Tanbir Minhas