Moniker General

One very important thing I look for when I visit any new place is coffee. This is essential to my being. I know I can just go to Starbucks, but if there is a speciality coffeeshop I will find it and visit it. San Diego has several amazing coffeeshops, yet sadly I wasn't able to visit too many but one beautiful coffeeshop I went to was Moniker General. This coffeeshop is absolutely stunning. You won't be able to stop instagramming the place. After I was done capturing every inch of the place, I ordered a latte and a donut. The latte was phenomenal and a good serving. One major drawback with going to specialty places is usually the serving size is minuscule but the price is hefty. Thankfully this was not the case at Moniker. Moniker General is a coffeeshop as well as a lifestyle and home goods store. The shop had an amazing collection of items, including a few I was able to afford! I will definitely be visiting Moniker again when I go to San Diego in September.

Tanbir MinhasComment