Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

My spontaneous day trip to Cambridge proved to be a great decision. The University of Cambridge is the epicenter of this wonderful town and is without a doubt the most stunning university I have ever seen. Pictures cannot capture its brilliance and I insist you all visit it if you ever travel to England. The university's beauty can be attributed to its age, as it was founded in 1209! The whole town in fact radiates a historical elegance complete with cobblestone paths, brick buildings, and grand churches. The buildings are so well preserved that if I hadn't had my phone in hand, taking pictures obviously, I would've forgotten what year I was in.

One of the most memorable spots in town is St. Mary's Church. Not only was it a gorgeous building, but you can climb up a set of stairs to the top of a very high tower to look out on the town. Despite the tiring and somewhat perilous trek up, it was completely worth it for the view of Cambridge from above. Definitely recommend doing this, especially since it only costs four pounds.

While exploring Cambridge I came upon the beautiful Fitzwilliam Museum. There is no admission charge which was a pleasant surprise. 

Coffee lovers and foodies will also feel at home in Cambridge because in this small town there are many amazing options. I stuck with the most popular cafe, Fitzbillies, and was delighted with my choice as they had amazing food and great coffee. If you visit Cambridge, check this place out!

Tanbir Minhas