Tritone Hotel

One annoying part about traveling on a budget is trying to find an affordable place to stay. This usually proves to be more difficult when you visit extremely touristy locations, and in my case that would be Venice. I researched and compared so many hotels for days until I finally settled on Hotel TritoneHotel Tritone is not located in Venice, but just outside in Maestre. The hotel is conveniently located close to the airport and Venice. The bus trip to Hotel Tritone is about 30 minutes. If you were to take a cab, it would be 12 to 13 minutes. The bus ride to Venice from Hotel Tritone is only 15 minutes. 

The room was quite big and had all the amenities needed. The bathroom is usually my only concern when choosing a hotel room and thankfully Hotel Tritone 's bathrooms are lovely. They also provide a huge buffet with a variety of items. I ate so many pastries! 

I know for my next visit to Venice where I am staying. 

Tanbir Minhas