Sacramento mini guide

One of my favorite cities in northern California is definitely Sacramento. Sacramento has so many hidden gems, including several bookstores and the coffee scene is unreal. This guide is going to mainly focus on the bookstores, but I will talk a little about the coffee and food scene. I will try and add more coffeeshops and food places later as well because Sacramento is full of the best places and they are affordable compared to the same kind of places in San Francisco.


One of my favorite stops is Time Tested Books. This beautiful bookstore is located in midtown Sacramento and is so stunning. The store is pretty big and has a vast selection of books as well as records.



If you only have time to stop by one coffeeshop that has to be Temple Coffee and specifically the one on K street; it's a big space and so well designed. They serve a huge selection of desserts and the cherry on top of that is that it's walking distance from Time Tested Books! Temple Coffee to this day is the best coffee I've ever had. I even order their beans so I can drink it at home.


Beers Books is another wonderful bookstore in Sacramento. Beers Books is bigger then Time Tested Books, so they have a wider variety and they definitely have a better selection in regards to books on sale and used books.


When I visit Sacramento I get caught up in the amazing coffee scene, but lately I have been exploring the food options and dear lord they have so many amazing restaurants and they are so affordable. I know if I got the same quality food in the Bay Area it would be almost double the price. This past weekend I visited Massullo Pizza with my cousin. We had an appetizer, pizza, and the most amazing coffee pot de creme - honestly could have had 7 of them, and we spent less than $30. The pizza was exceptional and for all you pizza lovers this is a must-visit when you're in Sacramento.

Tanbir Minhas