Oakland Mini Guide

Oakland is one of my favorite eclectic city in Northern California. There is no shortage of coffeeshops and amazing food places. as well as some of the most unique bookstores.

The best way to start the day is with a delicious pastry and great coffee. A wonderful place to do this is at Boot and Shoe Service, which is also a great place to get pizza. AND it's literally right next to Walden Pond Books!

Walden Pond Books is a haven for book lovers. The selection is expansive and you can literally search for hours. I have found so many amazing books here and I love that they have a huge used book section.

After spending a few hours at Walden Pond Books obviously its time for another coffee break, so Subrosa Coffee is the next place to visit. Subrosa's coffee and vegan donuts are delicious. Its interior is small but they have lots of seating outside.

Book/Shop is one of the most well curated and aesthetically pleasing bookstores I have ever been to. They have a small selection of books, but they are all unique and fascinating. I also really love the goods they sell. One of my favorite totes is from here and a few amazing art prints. 

Oakland has so many more places to visit, but I'll keep it short and do another mini guide soon with more spots to check out!

Tanbir Minhas