Coffee Shops of San Diego

San Diego has an amazing coffee scene and every visit I always go to a few places so I wanted to share my thoughts on a few of the places I visited this trip.

Heartsleeves Coffee

HeartSleeves Coffee is a cute little hole in the wall coffee shop in the Little Italy neighborhood of downtown San Diego. The coffee is great but its the atmosphere here that makes me want to come back every time. 

Moniker General

Moniker General is an Instagrammer's dream. It is a huge beautifully designed space and every corner is filled with incredible furniture you'll want to take home. They have great coffee and an amazing toast selection.  Moniker is a coffee shop and the other half is a retail shop which has the cutest indie designer pieces.

Better Buzz Coffee

Better Buzz coffee is another haven for Instagram addicts. They have made their coffee shop to suit the needs of people who need every corner to look different so they can take multiple pictures. The coffee was okay it wasn't the best so sadly coffee wise I would probably not come here again unless I was in the area and desperate for coffee. They do however have a wide selection of food which is a huge plus since a lot of the time I want a snack with my coffee. 

Copa Vida

Last but definitely not least let me tell you guys about Copa Vida. This was my favorite coffee shop I visited this trip. Copa Vida has several locations but I went to the one that is downtown. The downtown location is huge. They have lots of seating indoors and on their beautiful patio. However the best seating is the leather seats in the corner of the shop because they are not only very comfortable that area has the best light. 

Tanbir Minhas