Before I Go to Sleep

Imagine waking up every morning and not knowing almost anything about your life. Christine Lucas had suffered brain damage in a car accident and developed a unique type of amnesia where she loses her memory everyday when she goes to sleep. She wakes up everyday in terror. Christine keeps a journal where she writes down memories she remembers and tries to recall them the next day. This technique was suggested to her by her doctor, who she is seeing without letting her husband Ben know. One morning, Christine sees that she has written “Do not trust Ben” in her journal and begins to question everything. Everything she knows about her life is because of the information he tells her. How can she know that what he says is the truth when she has no memories of her own? 

I read 'Before I Go to Sleep' nonstop for two days in between work and errands. It is absolutely addictive. The middle gets a little repetitive, but I felt it was necessary because of the story so I didn’t lose interest. I swear at one point I audibly gasped while reading because I did not see the twists coming. I had guesses in the beginning, but after being proven wrong more than once I stopped and just read on. 

I read a few other reviews and saw that for some reason the absurdity of the type of amnesia Christine has affected their ability to appreciate the book, so I wanted to warn any readers who might have the same problem. ‘Before I Go To Sleep’ was my definition of a great psychological thriller. It keeps you interested and spooked from beginning to end.

If you want to read this book you can find it Here.

Tanbir Minhas