Ill Will

Ill Will is one of the darkest psychological thrillers I have ever read. Choan writes a story that seeps into your mind and leaves you in a state of confusion, yet at the same time you feel this sense of impending doom. This book is unsettling from the beginning to the end. 

Dustin is a psychologist. When he was a child, his parents and his Aunt and Uncle were brutally murdered. His adopted brother was convicted of the murders and sent away to prison. The Innocence Project helped to exonerate Rusty thirty years later with DNA evidence proving he could not have committed the murders. Dustin and his cousin Kate helped send Rusty to prison with their testimonies. Rusty's release terrifies Dustin because of the chaos and destruction Rusty could bring for his family.

The story is narrated from six different perspectives, jumping back and forth in time. It does get chaotic, but Choan does this intentionally to leave the reader disoriented. Choan experiments with his writing to reflect the mental state of his characters, so at times the book is hard to read but you can see that it's indicative of how the character is feeling. 

When I read the reviews of this book, I see it's a mixed bag and I think that’s because this isn't the story for people who like to see a neat tidy resolution at the end. This story is much more complicated than that. Choan writes a chilling mystery that examines the darkest parts of its characters. 

You can find the book Here.

Tanbir Minhas