The Story of a Brief Marriage

The Story of a Brief Marriage' is told from the first person perspective of Dinesh. Dinesh living in a Sri Lankan refugee camp helping at the hospital. One day a man asks Dinesh to marry his daughter Ganga and from there the story of a brief marriage begins. 

I have never read such a tragic book written so poetically. Arudpragasam takes his time to study everything, no matter how insignificant or destructive. His attention to detail is impeccable. 

The story delivers a poignant testament about what life feels like, what it is to be human, and life coexisting with death. The marriage of Dinesh and Ganga is where you see a shift in Dinesh and understand how important human connections are, especially in a war torn refugee camp.

This story is an important read. Its ability to depict how people live in a state of war is devastating, but necessary. One of the great things about books is their ability to teach. This book is set in Sri Lanka, but the atrocities in this book are a reality in places all over the world, such as Yemen or Syria. People who don’t understand how devastating the refugee crisis will after reading this book. I recommend everyone go read this.

You can find the book Here.

Tanbir Minhas