A Little Life

It’s been a long time since I’ve read a book that has so thoroughly devastated me. I started reading ‘A little Life’ at work, which was a bad idea because I found myself on the verge of a breakdown ever other page. I ended up reading a little more then half of the book in a few hours which was not a smart choice because this book takes a lot from you and you are left an empty shell. So, I decided to only read an hour the next day. It’s amazing how such a beautifully written story can make you never want to read it again.

The story is about the lives of  four college best friends - Malcom, JB, Willem, and Jude. In about 800 pages, Yanagihara takes the reader on a journey into the lives of these friends and how the trauma of their friend Jude affected their lives. The story is raw, but is delicately written. Yanaighara writes about truly horrifying and traumatic experiences that are so hard to read that you have to put the book down.

There is so much pain and sadness, but there is also light that makes you cry tears of joy and that's in the friendship and love that Yanaighara writes. She writes about what it means to truly love someone; the pain, the sacrifice, and always being there for them in their time of need and how love affects and changes people. The book is written in extremes where you see the lowest forms of humanity and the joys and beauty life has to offer.

Disclaimer! This book discusses in depth many subjects that can be triggering, so please if you plan on reading it look up the subjects discussed.

Tanbir Minhas