The Best Kind Of People

'The Best Kind of People' is the story of the Woodbury family reeling after the arrest of their father, George. George Woodbury is a well respected teacher and beloved in the community. The allegations of sexual abuse dumbfound not only his family but the community. They only know George as a great father, husband, and teacher.

The story is told from the perspectives of George's family: Joan, George's wife who is a celebrated ER nurse, Sadie, his daughter who is the top of her class and one of the popular kids in school, and Andrew, his son who is a lawyer in New York. The Woodbury family can not believe the allegations against their father but doubt creeps in their minds with the overwhelming nature of the crime.

The family tries their best to stick together, but the enormity of the situation is too much to handle. Andrew comes back home to help his father, but he has to not only deal with his fathers legal problems but also the awful childhood memories that are tied to his hometown. Sadie begins getting bullied at school and doesn't know what to believe and is starting to feel lost. Joan becomes a social pariah in the community and is trying to figure out if the kind hearted man she married is really not who she thinks he is.

The story is intense and it depicts very honestly the many emotions and states a person would go through if a loved one were ever arrested. The situation is beyond complicated, so of course the feelings that accompany the situation are hard to understand and confusing. The story was engaging and well written. More importantly, it discusses rape culture very honestly and the sad reality women and girls face today.

Tanbir Minhas