The Wife Between Us

When I started 'The Wife Between Us' I was enthralled almost immediately. The story is the classic "husband leaves wife for his younger mistress" and it is told from the perspective of both Vanessa the ex-wife and Nellie the mistress. Vanessa is having a hard time with her husband marrying another woman and wants to stop his new marriage at all costs. Nellie is in love and can't believe how lucky she is to have found Richard, a smart successful man. Nellie's past has troubled her and kept her on edge, but with Richard she finally feels safe. The story follows us through these two women's intersecting lives and Vanessa's mental breakdown. 

'The Wife Between Us' is the quintessential thriller. It has a well-developed story with intriguing characters and an unbelievable twist. The author did a great job - giving only necessary information and planting ideas leading the reader down the wrong path. The only thing I didn't particularly care for was the epilogue, it seemed so unnecessary. The story was already great and the author didn't need to add another twist. Regardless of the epilogue I promise this thriller is worth the read and then you'll be asking your friends and family to read it so you can discuss the story with them! 

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Tanbir Minhas