Men Without Women

“That’s what it is like to lose a woman. And at a certain time, losing one woman is like losing all women. That’s how we become men with women.”

Men without Women is a collection of stories about lonely men, who have loved and lost or just lost. They have an innate ability to not create any real connections, especially with women. The stories explore the state of men without women in exquisitely crafted narratives. I might not have loved all the stories, but it’s hard to criticize Murakmi’s’s the reason I keep coming back to him.

In the first half of ‘Men without Women,’ I was honestly ready to give up and stop reading. I have such a huge TBR list that I can’t waste my time on a book I am just not connecting with. However, “All Independent Organ” was the saving grace story in this book. It’s the love story no one deserves, but you can’t help but fall into. The stories actually began to peak my interest after “All Independent Organ." They were strange and provided very little details in classic Murakamiesque fashion.

My verdict is that if you are a huge Murakami fan 'Men Without Women' is worth checking out but if you aren't then I suggest giving it a pass.

You can find my copy HERE.

Tanbir Minhas