A Wild Sheep Chase

'A Wild Sheep Chase' was definitely not one of my favorite Murakami reads, but the story was quite captivating at times. The story is about a young ad-executive who publishes a photo of a weird sheep with a star on it's back in an insurance ad. He received that picture from an old friend who told him to put the picture somewhere and that's why he put the picture in the ad. The picture of the sheep catches the eye of a man, who is a henchman to a very important, yet elusive, right-wing man. The henchman sends the ad-executive on an unbelievable task to find the 'special sheep' in a month or else the man would ruin his life. Not knowing how or where to find the sheep the ad-executive is sent on an unimaginable journey. 

There are several times when the main character is looking inward and just contemplating life; I felt those were really profound moments and the ideas presented were beautiful even though the overall story was just okay. I have read a lot of Murakami's work now, so to me this story felt a little too much like some of his other stories. The mystery of the sheep is interesting enough to not make you put the book down, so the book wasn't a total downer.

The edition I bought is published by Vintage Books and it is the coolest! I didn't realize until halfway through the story that on the inside flap there are 3-D glasses to use for the cover.

If you want my edition of the book you can find it here.

Tanbir Minhas