The Beauty Myth

The Beauty Myth brings up many interesting and valid points on how we see beauty and how much it's  controlled by the powers that be; they use the illusion of what is beautiful to control women and their wallets. Beauty has evolved over the years, but the standard still remains unrealistic. It's done that way so you're constantly comparing yourself to someone else. The need for this is because if you are happy with the way you look then you obviously will not buy as much as companies want you to. The billions they want will disappear, so women’s unhappiness with the way they look and their constant struggle of self-acceptance is the only way to keep companies in the green. Women today are demanding more diversity; they want to see women with different body-types and different races in magazine editorials and advertisements.

Women are working hard on self-acceptance and understanding the unrealistic standards that are being set up for them to fail and make them seem they are not worth of self-love. The subject of beauty is personal and as long as you are doing what you want and what makes you feel beautiful and happy you are on the right track. For me personally when I was younger I definitely wore makeup and clothes based on others and what they would think of me. Now as I am more comfortable with myself, I dress for me and do my makeup how I want to...which is usually the bare minimum because I am really lazy.

Tanbir Minhas