Final Girls

'Final Girls' is the suspenseful well-written thriller I have been waiting for. The story is about Quincy, who is the lone survivor of the Pine Cottage massacre where all of her friends died but she was able to escape. Quincy is dubbed a 'Final Girl,' which is a term dubbed to women who are the lone survivors in mass killings. Quincy leads a normal life now, with her boyfriend, in New York and she chooses to leave her past behind and focus on her future. One day Quincy gets a call that Lisa, who is one of the three Final Girls, has died. Lisa was the sole survivor of an horrific attack by a college dropout who killed her 9 sorority sisters. Lisa was the strongest of the three Final Girls so her death was a shock to everyone especially Quincy. Lisa's death causes the third 'Final Girl' Sam to visit Quincy.

Sam has been out of the limelight for years and kept a low profile so her visiting Quincy was strange and unexpected. Quincy's life turns upside down upon Sams arrival. Sam is determined to make Quincy remember the past but Quincy has only been able to keep her life together by forgetting. Quincy's once-perfect life that she had crafted after her tragedy is now unraveling and she's being forced to remember her past, a past she wanted to stay forgotten.

The plot line was well developed, nothing is out of the blue. I noticed many thrillers leave plot holes and try to save the story with an unexpected ending, but 'Final Girls' keeps you interested with a well-thought out story and fully-developed characters. There are two stories running alongside each other: Quincy's present and Quincy's time at Pine Cottage. I felt like I had the story figured out so many times and each time I was way off. This book is one of my favorites from this year. I can not wait to read Sager's next because if this was a debut, I can't imagine what a second book from Sager will be.

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Tanbir Minhas