How To Fall In Love With Anyone

'How to Fall in Love with Anyone' was a  enlightening series of essays exploring what love is. Catron investigates her families relationships and how they came to be and  her own to understand better how she got to the point in her life she is now. How do people not only fall in love but stay in love? What is true romantic love?

There are so many obstacles to love not only ones setup by ourselves but because of the all the misconceptions caused by movies and fairytales, such as falling in love by someone extraordinary by them noticing you even though you are ordinary. It's a trope seen in so many movies and books and I didn't realize how much these unfeasible exceptions truly affected others including myself. 

The book was insightful and makes you realize that everyone views love differently and it's important to analyze what our definition of love is because maybe are expectations are not truly ours and they are ones that are taught to us. Catron keeps the reader engaged from beginning to end. The book starts a conversation that I truly believe we all should have with ourselves and our significant others.

You can find the book here.

Tanbir Minhas