Meddling Kids

It's rare for a book to unnerve me, but the ever lingering sense of dread that ' Meddling Kids' resonated with me. This book is if the Scooby gang went through some weird shit and grew up and wanted to figure out what that weird shit was. ' Meddling Kids' is about a group of friends who were detectives when they were teenagers. The group has decided to reunite and figure out the mystery of their last case which seemed simple, but the group has repressed their memory of the case and now are looking for closure.

The story was funny, creepy, and smart. Cantero is a great writer who experiments with different writing styles like breaking the fourth wall and shifting into script format for certain scenes. Cantero's writing also contained beautifully written metaphors and descriptive images. Besides the obvious mystery and horror aspect, the story is also a coming of age tale about the challenges of growing up and facing reality. Obviously though the situations these characters were facing were more on the supernatural end. 

This is a great summer read especially for fans who want to see a cross between Scooby Doo and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  You can buy the book Here.

Tanbir Minhas