The Grip Of It

"I search for proof that the world is one way rather than another, but it doesn't matter what is coming from inside us or around us. Our brains allow it either way. We can lose ourselves behind a trap door, whether in our mind or in the house." 

 'The Grip of It' was a hard book to put down so I ended up finishing it in one sitting. The story is about Julie and James who need to leave the city due to James's gambling addiction. They head to the countryside for a change of scenery and find an amazing home, but immediately has a strange feeling to it. Due to their desperate situation, Julie and James take a leap of faith and move in. 

Jemc writes a perplexing and disorienting tale leaving you on edge the whole time. Her prose is beautiful and dark. It was refreshing to finally read a psychological thriller that doesn't use any of the cliches. The stories purpose is not only made to scare you, but to leave you unsettled and questioning the reality of Julie and James's life. Is this truly a story of a haunting or is there more we aren't seeing?

The story explores ourselves and our minds. We assume we have full control and autonomy, but our minds are fragile and easily ticked. The book leaves you with many questions and very little answers.

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Tanbir Minhas