Little Fires Everywhere

There are certain books that immediately catch my attention and I know I have to read them. 'Little Fires Everywhere' definitely wasn't one of them. For some reason, I felt like from the synopsis the story sounded flat. I need to start being careful when reading the synopsis though because I was absolutely immersed in 'Little Fires Everywhere'. 

The story is about two families: one the classic all American upper middle class family, the Richardsons and the other a single mother and her teenage daughter. The two families are the complete opposite of one another. The Warren's live a nomadic life always on the edge of being broke, but Mia Warren wants to enroll her daughter in a good school to provide her with some stability. Mia gets lucky and meets Elena Richardson who has a rental home in Shaker Heights and rents out the house to people she feels like deserve a break. She is doing a good deed, but of course she's doing it to make herself feel like she's a good person. The Richardson kids start getting close with Mia's daughter Pearl, further intertwining the two families. The idyllic and usually uneventful town is divided by a controversial custody case in which Mia and Elena disagree upon, leading to life altering consequences. 

The story explores mother-daughter relationships, race, and life choices. The story takes unexpected turns, but don't add unnecessary drama that takes away from the story. The narrative is captivating and reflective. Ng writes stories about a variety of characters that delve into so many issues and themes that by the end I was left wanting to read more. 

Tanbir Minhas