Lies She Told

My third and last Book of the Month read for September was 'Lies She Told'. I have been really in the mood to read thrillers and I'm so glad this was a good one!

Plot - Lisa Cole is a timid thriller author who has less then a month to create a new book that will make up for her previous lackluster books. If this wasn't stressful enough, Lisa is also trying to start a family which has been proven difficult. Her husband has been inattentive and standoffish since the disappearance of his best friend Nick. Since her husband is occupied with work and his friend's disappearance, Lisa escapes into her writing and her new character Beth. Beth is a new mother who discovers her husband is having an affair and is trying to figure out how to handle the situation. Lisa's life and Beth's end up eerily similar leaving Lisa to sort out what is truth and what is fiction.

The story is told from Lisa and Beth's perspective which was very interesting. Holahan was able to blur the lines between Beth and Lisa's lives and depict the fragility of Lisa's mind. The story was well written and gradually develops Lisa's character. I had a sour relationship with thrillers for a while because many focused less on the development of characters and more on the twist that they assumed would save their story. Thankfully, this was not the case for 'Lies She Told'. I had an inkling in the beginning of what was happening but I really wanted to see how Holahan would end the story and the conclusion was incredibly stastifying. Lisa was a protagonist you couldn't help but feel for and get attached to.

You can get the book Here.

Tanbir Minhas