Stay With Me

Stay With Me is an emotionally heart wrenching story about the marriage of Yejide and Akin. When Akin and Yejide first saw each other, they knew there was something between them. They fell in love instantly and got married. It has been a few years since they have been married and they still have yet to conceive a child. This is causing turmoil in their marriage because both their families are pressuring them and asking Akin take a second wife so she can bear a child. They both are adamantly against this, but Yejide knows despite what their family wishes Akin would never betray her by getting married to another woman.

However, one day their family brings to her a young woman and informs here this is Akin's second wife. Yejide breaks down. She never thought the man she married and loved would betray her. Yejide is driven to a state of madness knowing her worth is nothing unless she gets pregnant. She is lead on a path to get pregnant no matter what the cost.

This book leads you on an emotional journey. The story delves into Nigerian customs and culture that were incredibly interesting to read and learn about. Adebayo writes from both Yejide and Akin's perspective so you can see how both are feeling and what motivated their actions. Yejide and Akin are written beautifully. You feel so deeply for both of them and what they are going through. The story is phenomenal and depicts how complex and delicate human relationships are.

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Tanbir Minhas