Good Me Bad Me

'Good Me Bad Me' was heartbreaking to read. The story is about Milly and her life after turning in her mother, who happens to be a serial killer. Milly has been tortured her whole young life by her mother and has watched her mother commit unspeakable acts on others, so of course Milly is damaged and psychologically fucked-up. Milly tries her best to adjust in the temporary home she is placed in and hopes to begin somewhat anew. However, Milly still has to testify at her mother's trial and is being bullied by her foster sister.

I felt for Milly and I truly hated her evil foster sister. This book puts you in the mind of Milly and makes you feel what she's feeling so it's hard not to connect to her. The concept of the story is interesting to read because usually most stories are either about the victims or the perpetrators so the perspective of a serial killer's child is something new.

If you want to read the book too you can find it HERE.

Tanbir Minhas