The Glass Forest

'The Glass House' by Cynthia Swanson is a family drama that transports you to the tumultous 1960s. Swanson's attention to detail and exquisite writing are what hold your attention in this slow, but eerie story.

'The Glass Forest' is told from the perspective of three women of the Glass family: Angie, Ruby, and Silja. Angie recently got married to Paul Glass the man of her dreams and is living a wonderful life in Wisconsin. One day Angie and Paul's lives are interrupted with a phone call from Paul's niece informing them that her father Henry is dead and her mother Silja has disappeared. Angie and Paul rush to Ruby's side to help her during this horrible time, but come to find that Ruby is not in need of rescuing; instead, she is pretty collected and doing better then expected. Angie is not too familiar with The Glass family, but begins to learn more about them and their complex family.

The story jumps back and forth from the three women's past and present lives, giving us an intimate look into their lives. The story is not fast-paced so be forewarned, this is a character driven story and you spend most of the book in the characters' minds. This is a difficult task because it's easy to lose interest when reading character-driven stories, but Swanson writes interesting characters and the secrets they are hiding are too tempting not to want to uncover. The suspense is well-articulated and the focus of the story isn't so much on over-the-top drama but the intricacies of the inner workings of families and what they are truly capable of.

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Tanbir Minhas