The Woman in the Window

The Woman in the Window was a surprisingly disappointing read. The book started out strong and I was interested in reading further, but the story slowed down in many parts of the book and I felt my interest waning.

The story is about Anna Fox, an agoraphobic woman, who lives in her brownstone alone - with the exception of her tenant David, who lives in the basement. Anna cannot leave her home because of a horrifying trauma in her past, so she spends her days watching movies and watching her neighbors. One day while observing her neighbors Anna sees something terrifying and is intent on figuring out what happened.

The story had a lot of potential because Anna's trauma is engrossing and her state of mind is so blurred you are constantly questioning if what she believes is true. However even with all this, the story lags throughout the book. I am not familiar with noir-crime dramas; maybe that's why it was drawn out and not fast-paced. If certain scenes were edited out, this story would have been much more suspenseful and intriguing. 

I would not recommend this for anyone who loves fast paced thrillers that keep you on the edge  throughout the story. This is a more contemplative thriller so it's great for people who prefer prolonged stories.

Tanbir Minhas