Sonia Sanchez

I recently talked about poetry and how I have been a little wary delving into that genre. Recently, I have explored further and realized how beautiful and magical poetry really is.

I will give a little bit of background on myself to give you all insight into why I was so hesitant on reading poetry. I grew up in an environment where math and science were heavily pushed on me; while English and the arts have always been regarded as less important. I’ve been reading all my life, but it’s mostly been fiction. I have a Bachelors in Accounting and Finance, so in college I took mostly business and math classes. It wasn’t until my last year when I was allowed to choose classes outside my major that I took a few art and philosophy classes and realized how much I loved them. There were so many possible answers and so many different ideas; it was all new to me because in my major there's always one right answer. It was funny because in the beginning, I was incredibly hesitant to share any of my thoughts in my ethics and arts classes because I felt like they were wrong or stupid, but thankfully my teachers were amazing and helped me push past this.

I began to expand to books by philosophers and began to read a lot more non-fiction. Poetry still wasn't on my radar until I joined bookstagram and started seeing snippets of poems. I realized then how much I connected with them. I started with poets like Narriyah Waheed and Rupi Kaur and then moved on to Emily Dickinson and Virginia Woolf.

One new poet I've recently discovered and have fallen in love with is Sonia Sanchez - poet, activist, scholar, and professor. Sanchez writes about the womanhood and specifically the complexities of black womanhood. Her words are powerful, thoughtful, and honest. I highly suggest any of you interested in poetry that has a mix of activism as well to look into Sanchez's work.

I'm excited to read more work from Sanchez and discover other new poets.

If any of you want to read Sanchez's work you can find it Here.

Tanbir Minhas