The Day She Disappeared

This past month I have been binge-watching British crime dramas, so I have been looking for a book similar to the shows I've been watching and FSG publishing was kind enough to send me a copy of 'The Day She Disappeared.' 

The story is about the disappearance of Beth, a local barmaid who was deemed a 'party girl' by the small town, so when she wasn't seen around town for a while the local townspeople just assumed she ran off. However, her best-friend and fellow barmaid Natalie knew Beth well and saw her disappearance as odd and when the police didn't take interest in her case Natalie started to investigate herself. Victor, a loyal patron of the same bar, also believes that Beth's absence is unusual. The story is told from the perspectives of  Natalie, Victor, and the murderer. 

The entire time I was reading the story I honestly had no idea who the killer could be and throughout the book there is an underlying sense of threat that gnaws at the reader which leaves you at unease. The way Kent wrote the story is a little disjointed so, sometimes it's hard to know immediately what's happening. The short passages from the killer's perspective are bone chilling and made me regret reading this book at night. This is a great read for anyone who loves mystery crime-dramas.

You can find the book Here.

Tanbir Minhas