The Shining Girls

A time-traveling serial killer, now this sounds like either the dumbest plot to a book or an ambitious one. I took it as ambitious and with Gillian Flynn's stamp of approval, I was excited to see how the story played out. 

Harper Curtis stumbles upon a house that has the power to travel through time and he finds that he has a key which allows him to use the power of the house. The house seems to be willing Curtis to kill women throughout time, specifically - great or noteworthy women or as he calls them 'Shining Girls'.  Kirby Mazrachi is the only one of Curtis' victims that survives and she makes it her purpose to find the man that tried to kill her.

I'll start with what I liked about the story - Beukes’ writing is riveting and her research is thorough. Now let’s talks about what I disliked, which was a lot. Time traveling is a difficult subject to tackle and to add in a serial killer now that's a hell of a subject. The story never explained how and why Harper Curtis was given the key to travel through time and why he was murdering ' Shining Girls' or even how he discovered who was ‘shining.’

The story had too many plot holes and I knew half way through the story those plot holes would never be covered. The story also wasn't a thriller; I was never wondering what was going to happen next because the story was basically just a crazy serial killer traveling through time, murdering women. The book was quite gory, so I did skim some parts because it was too much for me and that gore added nothing to the story.

I appreciate that Lauren Burkes tried to write a new unique story about a serial killer, but the story never really panned out.

Tanbir Minhas