Apathy is something we all are familiar with especially when it comes to politics and government. Most people are indifferent when it comes to government matters so they ignore the laws being passed and convince themselves it doesn't affect them. 'Vox' shows the dangers of apathy and ignorance. 

In the not too distant future, the government has enacted oppressive rules to control the female population in America. Every young girl and woman has to wear a 'counter'. It looks like a bracelet and ensures they only speak 100 words a day. The girls and women who exceed this amount are punished by an electrical current that is delivered through the counter. The story jumps from past to present to show how the country reached this point.

 The story is eerie because it's incredibly realistic and illustrates how oppressive regimes take over. It never is all at once but instead a slow planned effort that seems to affect no one, or rather, only affects marginalized groups of people. The masses ignore new laws and policies, convincing themselves everything is okay.  'Vox' is the 2018 'Handmaids Tale' that everyone should read.

'Vox' mirrors a lot of what is currently happening in the current American political administration and demonstrates why the need to be alert and fight against oppressive governments is so necessary. Choosing to ignore the laws the government passes because they have no impact on your life is irresponsible and believing that just because you are comfortable now is not a guarantee for the future. 

Tanbir Minhas