Something in the Water

You know those books where you just want to give up on reading them because it feels like its going nowhere, but then all of a sudden they get interesting and you can’t put them down....well  ‘Something In The Water’ is one of those books.

Erin and Mark are newlyweds that go off on their honeymoon to Bora Bora. On their dream vacation they end up finding ‘something in the water’ (GASP). They both know what they’ve found is dangerous, so now they have the choice of keeping what they’ve found or reporting it.

The story is pretty stagnant in the beginning and I just kept putting the book down. I think about halfway through is when the story really piqued my interest and I finished the book in under an hour. Get ready to be extremely annoyed and frustrated with the main character Erin. I swear half of the time I kept thinking to myself “Why is this women complicating her life so much?!”

The story definitely had its plot lines that could have been left out, but it’s actually a pretty good thriller so anyone looking for their next suspenseful read this summer should look into ‘Something In The Water.’

Tanbir Minhas