You know that feeling when you read the back cover of a book and fall in love with the story, but then realize after reading it that the concept just didn’t work out? ‘Heartbreaker’ is about a cult in the Northeast that is trapped in the 80’s. Doesn’t that description sound incredible?! 

However, the book was so hard to follow. The timeline skips around so much you literally have to reread every page to figure out where you are. It’s also told from three different perspectives, one of them bring a dog (my favorite kind of perspective), but it doesn’t help with following the plot because most of the time I had no idea which character was speaking. 

I understand the author was trying to write the sentences in a way where it would add more atmosphere to the story, but it just didn’t work. Overall, amazing concept; hopefully someone else can take a crack at it and do it better because I want to read that story! But I just wasn’t able to follow the story line.

Tanbir Minhas